Life Coaching

Let's work together to identify what your best life can look like and the best way to achieve it. 

You can have it all! This is about being true to yourself and your needs so you can create a spacious and balanced life for yourself. This is when the best version of yourself will show up for you and your family; daily!

Together we will partner to challenge outdated gender roles and pressures the present day maternal figure faces. As your empowerment coach, I will support you in customizing a new modern, gracious and loving life just for you!

This is How We Will Do It:


1:1 coaching is both a time and financial commitment. But, don’t let this scare you, let it encourage you. 

“If you don’t invest in yourself, who will?” This question changed my life and ultimately took me from working a corporate job I didn’t love (let alone like) to going after my life’s passion. And here I am now!

For new clients, my 1:1 life coach packages include eight (8) 50-minute sessions, which you can book based on your availability. You will have complete access to my calendar to book when is best for you. 

Growth, exploration and change take time, which is why I require an eight-session commitment to get started.

Why Start Now?

Dream with me for a moment. Imagine a life where your partner does the laundry and you don’t go behind them to refold the clothes, you can go to the bathroom by yourself, you leave for an activity you enjoy and don’t feel guilty for it, and you regularly include the term “self care” into your vocabulary. Whatever it is you are wanting for yourself, we will identify it, put a plan together to get you there and work through any obstacles keeping you from it. It’s a process and will take time, but is worth every step!. 

What we don’t realize is when you welcomed baby into your home, you assumed a traditional maternal role without even being asked. You are carrying the physical and emotional responsibilities for your household, the family and possibly your career. Those are three distinct roles that no human can manage on their own - especially with the level of expectation you put on yourself! 

It’s time we begin to rewrite the traditional maternal role with a more modern twist. With more women entering the workforce, mental health becoming a top priority, support for parents and society changing as a whole, it’s time we take this opportunity to encourage even more change. For us, our children and future generations to come. Be the change you want to see! 

Listen, I know the maternal journey is not an easy one. I have two kids, so I understand. My intention is to help you find a kindness and flow within yourself that keeps you feeling your best.

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